Breaking: Trump Blocks Democratic Response to Nunes Memo

Breaking: Trump Blocks Democratic Response to Nunes Memo

President Trump has blocked the release of the Democratic response to the controversial “Nunes Memo”, as many expected he would.

In a letter released by White House Counsel Don McGahn claimed the Democratic rebuttal memo would “create especially significant concerns for the national security and law enforcement interests.” McGahn said the President was “inclined” to declassify the Democratic memo, but that it could not be released because of “classified and especially sensitive passages”.

Similar concerns did not stop the President from releasing the memo authored by Senator Devin Nunes, who served as a member of the Trump transition team, and is now the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Nunes tenure as Intelligence Committee Chairman has been controversial for appearing to attempt to provide cover and assistance for the Trump Administration, and figures connected to Trump’s transition team and campaign.

Among those clamoring for the release of the Nunes memo, prior to it’s declassification by President Trump, were right wing media outlets including Fox News hosts such as Sean Hannity, President Trump himself, and Russian Twitter bots.

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Trump has since claimed the Nunes Memo exonerated him from any possible collusion or corruption connected to Russia, a claim nearly every credible expert – including GOP attack dog Trey Gowdy, who helped draft it – has refuted.

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