BREAKING: Trump Impeachment Articles Unveiled

BREAKING: Trump Impeachment Articles Unveiled

Impeachment hearings now likely

A lot of comparisons have been drawn up between President Trump and former President Nixon as both ended up dividing the country and (allegedly) using criminal means of undermining the opposing political party during an election year. For Nixon, of course, that was the Watergate Scandal, but for Trump it has been more than just Russiagate. Through his hate-filled rhetoric, he has brought to light fringe elements that were thought to have been diminished since the Civil Rights era. Through the bully pulpit of the presidency, he has normalized a lot of horrible behavior. And through his actions he has pushed forward regressive orders that have hurt the LGBT community.

All of these were inspiring outrage, leading to what many hoped would be the culmination of the Trump Administration, as had been the case with Nixon: impeachment. This was threatened back in July 2017 by Representative Al Green of Texas, but has only grown more popular in the two months since. Whether it is subtly threatening to start a nuclear war with North Korea or personally attacking NFL players or having his team waste taxpayer money on useless trips, it is clear this man is a danger to both the country and the world.

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That is why Green has officially unveiled the Articles of Impeachment of today. In a grand speech before the House floor, Green cited numerous things wrong with Trump, but his main focus was on the promotion of bigotry. Green accused Trump of popularizing the alt-right in the country, encouraging racism, and ultimately undermining “the integrity of his office.” These are valid criticisms even if one were to look at the Trump White House all the back in the beginning with the selection of Steve Bannon to the newly-created White House Chief Strategist position. Bannon had had a history of being tied to the alt-right courtesy of his time as executive chairman of Breitbart News.

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But it wasn’t just the people he surrounded himself with. Trump himself aggressively pursued his idiotic campaign promises by pushing forward the Mexico border wall and Muslim ban through executive orders. It has been nothing short of embarrassing to be American with him as President, and we genuinely hope Green’s impeachment proceedings get enough momentum from both parties.

Check out C-Span’s video of the speech below:

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