Watch Chris Christie Use Secret Service to Bully A Man Who Would Kick His A** in a Fair Fight

Watch Chris Christie Use Secret Service to Bully A Man Who Would Kick His A** in a Fair Fight

Chris Christie Proves Why He Is So Unpopular

Chris Christie proved to the world that he is more than deserving of the most unpopular governor in the United States title…again.

On Sunday, the New Jersey governor couldn’t take the heat while getting “razzed” by audience members in the stands during a Milwaukee Brewers game in Wisconsin, the Hill reports. And, rather than acting with the dignity that the office of Governor would dictate and, perhaps, ignoring the boos and hisses, Chris Christie instead angrily confronted a man.

And, because Chris Christie is tailed by Secret Service, he was confident enough to confront a man who, in all likelihood, could have kicked his ass if Christie weren’t literally backed by someone with a gun whose sole purpose is to protect him. And it was caught on camera because either Chris Christie can’t be bothered to remember that this is 2017 and everyone has a cell phone with recording capabilities or Chris Christie simply has no fucks left to give, now that he is sitting atop an approval rating so low that it looks, as Rachel Maddow so brilliantly described it, “more like shoe sizes” than ratings.

Chris Christie Tries For ‘Tough Guy,’ Comes Off As Pathetic

Either way, while sporting a Chicago Cubs shirt and clutching what appears to be nachos loaded down with a massive amount of toppings, a red-faced and angry Chris Christie leaned into the face of a man who (presumably) had heckled him, and, in true tough guy fashion, threatened him.

Sounding like a bad actor who hopes to land a minor role in a cheap mob movie, Christie asked the guy whether he wanted to “act like a big shot” and then warned him to “be careful.”

Perhaps by “being careful,” Christie meant the guy should only heckle people who aren’t tailed by gun-toting secret service agents.

The man Christie bullied was smart enough to simply remain quiet while simply looking Christie in the face as the New Jersey governor tantrumed openly and while on camera. Christie finally turned and, nachos still in hand, lumbered back down to his own seat, his slacks, as always, pulled comically high.

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When asked by another audience member what Christie said to him, the young woman next to the man pointed back to the aisle and said, “There was a secret service agent right there.”

Chris Christie, like Donald Trump, has become a caricature of himself. And again, this is yet another example of what Republicans consider “leadership.”

Image via screen grab 

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