Watch CNN's Chris Cuomo Wipe the Floor With Confederate-Loving Republican Over Charlottesville

Watch CNN’s Chris Cuomo Wipe the Floor With Confederate-Loving Republican Over Charlottesville

Chris Cuomo Destroys Trump Apologist

CNN’s Chris Cuomo held GOP candidate Corey Stewart‘s feet to the fire over the false and tired comparisons Conservative extremists are desperately trying to draw between hate-filled, violent organizations like the KKK and actual Nazis and Antifa.

Originally from Minnesota, Stewart is now a Virginian who is running against former vice presidential candidate and current senator Tim Kaine. Although originally from a solidly northern state, Stewart now has an inexplicable fondness for the Confederacy. His entire twitter feed is full of tweets imploring others to “save our history” in regards with outdated monuments to slavery.

In addition, Stewart was Trump’s campaign chairman in Virginia, as well. And he is also one of the Republican apologists defending President Donald Trump’s indefensible comments over the Charlottesville riot that ended with one young woman murdered. He appeared on CNN’s New Day with Chris Cuomo to place blame on leftists who refuse to stand idly by whole Nazis march openly in the streets of America.

It did not end well for Stewart. Then again, defending Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, and the KKK rarely does end well.

Stewart came out swinging, trying to scold Chris Cuomo and “other liberals like” him for not condemning Antifa, which Stewart tried to falsely equate with hate groups.

Chris Cuomo allowed him to bluster for a moment, then coolly responded, “Okay. Let’s go through it, step-by-step, shall we?”

He then proceeded to obliterate not just Corey Stewart, but every Republican and Trump apologist who believes that Antifa is on the same moral plane as white supremacists and Nazis.

Stewart threw out the refrain, “When is the left to condemn the far-left terrorists like Antifa?” and Cuomo pounced.

“Corey, the basic premise of trying to say that ‘anybody is like the KKK’ is dangerous because what you do is you end up normalizing their behavior.”

Stewart tried to negate that, but it is exactly what people like him are doing.

And then Chris Cuomo came in for the knockout blow.

“That’s why you’re getting thanked by David Duke! Corey, remember this: You’re getting thanked by David Duke. White supremacists are saying that they have a friend in the White House and people like you because of what you’re saying.”

The ‘Condemnation’ From Trump And His Supporters Still Draws Thanks From Nazis

“We’ve always condemned those organizations,” Stewart tried to interject, but their condemnations have not gone far enough.

“Obviously not well enough because they’re thanking you,” Cuomo replied.

Indeed, after Donald Trump decided to double down on his belief that “both sides” were to blame for Charlottesville, white supremacists and Nazis cheered. The disastrous press conference, where the President of the United States claimed there were “very good people” in the midst of those Nazis and White Supremacists who terrorized Charlottesville and murdered a young woman, received a special, personal thanks from David Duke himself.

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You can watch the entire exchange between Chris Cuomo and Corey Stewart in the videos embedded below.

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