This Hilarious Spoof Video of 'CNN' Response to Trump's Insane Attacks Has Gone Super Viral

This Hilarious Spoof Video of ‘CNN’ Response to Trump’s Insane Attacks Has Gone Super Viral

‘CNN’ Spoof Cuts Trump’s Bizarre Wrestling Tweet Down To Size

Australian TV station has released a hilarious spoof video of CNN responding to Trump’s latest attacks against the network.

The video stars CNN himself.

Playing off the ridiculous video tweeted out by the actual President of the United States, showing him physically attacking someone with the CNN logo superimposed over his head, the video features a man with – you guessed it – the CNN logo superimposed over his head.

The president’s initial, incredibly bizarre video, which has been retweeted more than 320,000 times, can be seen below.

I know. It’s still unbelievable that this man is actually President of the United States.

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CNN, played by SBS’s comedian Mark Humphries, details the horrors of being attacked by the president. The background music is slow and dramatic, and CNN’s voice is thick with sorrow as he bravely addresses the camera:

“My name is CNN and I was assaulted by the President of the United States.”

From the very first moment, you know the video is going to be good. And it doesn’t disappoint.

This Will Surely Burn Trump Up

He goes on to explain that the feud between the cable news network and Trump began awhile ago, as online bullying.

“The bullying started a while ago, mainly online. Donald Trump started calling me fake news, which was almost as painful as me having to call him President of the United States.”

And indeed, Donald Trump does have a long and varied history of attacking the network via his favorite social media platform. And to shrink these so-called “presidential statements” down to their true size, categorizing them as online bullying, is brilliant.

Humphries then jabbed at Trump over his own many, many lies, deliberately misconstruing the president’s constant bleating about “fake news.”

“[Trump] also said CNN has reported lies. In fairness to him, that is true. CNN has reported on Trump’s lies about Obama’s birthday certificate, Trump’s lies about the inauguration crowd size,” the comedian lamented. And then he again manages to cut to the very ridiculous heart of the president’s most recent Twitter freak-out.

“I was still shocked when he grabbed me by the pixel. It’s hard enough to explain to an adult that the leader of the free world punched you in a GIF.”

Oh, and even Fox News made a cameo – and agreed: “Even we think this is too much and we are fucking nuts.”

For a man like Trump, there is nothing  more maddening then dismissive belittling. And this video nails that perfectly.

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Watch the whole clip below.

Image via screen grab

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