Dan Rather To Steve Bannon: No, We Won't Shut Up, So Answer The Damned Questions! (VIDEO)

Dan Rather To Steve Bannon: No, We Won’t Shut Up, So Answer The Damned Questions! (VIDEO)

Dan Rather Is A Man For These Times

Since former reality star Donald Trump took residence in the White House, Dan Rather has been on fire.

Almost every day, something he writes goes viral. With passionate reason, eloquence and broad appeal, he highlights the abnormalities of these times. He stresses the great need for truth and integrity in both politics and journalism. Dan Rather reminds us that, once upon a time, politicians (and those who surround and advise them) were held responsible for their words and actions. That, once upon a time, those people in the White House were our employees, and answerable to us.

In other words, Dan Rather has become a truth advocate in a time when truth is a rare and valuable commodity.

And so, when Steve Bannon, the White House’s resident white supremacist and chief adviser to the president, decided to have a full-on man-tantrum and tell the press to “shut up,” of course Dan Rather responded.

In an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Dan Rather first emphasized the abnormality of the Trump presidency.

“No, I haven’t seen anything like it, and neither has anybody else,” Rather said. “We’ve never had anything approaching this.”

Rather Gives Advice To Journalists…And To White Supremacist Steve Bannon

He gave a pep talk of sorts to  the journalists who face the immense task of telling the truth in the Age of Trump, when the media is under constant attack – from the White House and Trump supporters, as well. No matter what, journalism has a very important function to fulfill.

“Stay steady, stay respectful,” Rather said. “But also, be relentless and remain aggressive. That’s the proper role of the press.”

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And as for Steve Bannon and his dismissal of the press as “the opposition party” in his now-infamous New York Times tantrum?

“Well, our answer to that has to be, ‘With respect, sir, no, we’re not going to shut up. Now answer the damn question.'”

Watch the video below.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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