Democratic Senator King ROASTS James Comey On The Stand, Twitter Rejoices

Democratic Senator King ROASTS James Comey On The Stand, Twitter Rejoices

Senator King Burns Comey On Stand

Maine’s Democratic Senator Angus King couldn’t pass up on the perfect opportunity to completely annihilate FBI Director James Comey.

Of course, the FBI director pretty much brought it on himself. The opportunity was simply too ripe not to be picked, and picked King did.

When Senator King asked Comey about whether he had answered if there was a current investigation on the political campaigns and Russian connections, Comey replied – with a straight face – that the FBI never confirms or denies an open investigation.

The look on Senator King’s face is priceless as he nearly does a double-take over that statement. And it was simply too good for him to pass up. His response to Comey was dry – but it surely cut to the quick.

“The irony of your making that statement here, I cannot avoid.”

King is, of course, referring to the “bombshell” Comey dropped mere days before the presidential election. Against the advice of the Justice Department, Comey sent a letter to Senate Republicans, letting them know that more Clinton emails had been found – maybe. And those emails might have an impact on the investigation – perhaps. But first the FBI would have to look at the emails…which may or may not be duplicates.

Comey’s vague letter, sent before anything about the emails was actually known (and, as it turned out, they had no bearing on the closed Clinton investigation), was seen by many as a stunning attempt to sway an election. It was, as King so dryly noted, certainly a commentary made on an investigation.

NBC Nightly News 
posted the brief clip on their Twitter. And Twitter seized upon the same stunned incredulity as Senator King displayed.

Twitter Joins In The Comey Roast

Unrestrained by the gravity of the Senate, Twitter quickly joined in, happily destroying the FBI director over his ironic statement.

There were plenty of accolades for Senator King, as well.

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Democrats may have lost this election, but as long as there are elected officials ready, willing and able to call hypocrisy out every time they see it, we have a fighting chance.

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