Deplorable 'Disgrace' Dinesh D'Souza Destroyed for Despicable Tweet Attacking Dead Kids' Friends

Deplorable ‘Disgrace’ Dinesh D’Souza Destroyed for Despicable Tweet Attacking Dead Kids’ Friends

Professional deplorable provocateur Dinesh D’Souza, the male, minority equivalent of Ann Coulter, decided Tuesday to dance on the graves of dead children.

As news broke that student survivors of the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida – and the dead victims they represented – were denied justice in the Florida House of Reprentatives, which flatly refused even to debate gun reform, D’Souza took to twitter to demonstrate the depths of deplorable depravity.

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Lashing out at the teenagers whose work ethic has caught the attention of the world in the wake of the attack they refused to take lying down, D’Souza stupidly accused them of being lazy. Which is ironic, because I think the conservatives he preaches to for a living will be getting a bitter taste of their work ethic, and that of their whole generation, for quite some time to come.

While a few disgusting people rose to his defense, many, many more replied with shock, anger, and disgust. Including several who ordinarily support him.

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Among those who slapped back were members of the Parkland Florida community, and prominent members of the immigrant community.

As of this writing, the Twitter account of this convicted felon who, by Donald Trump’s reasoning, should maybe lose his citizenship, has not been deleted. Yet.

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