Turkish President: Trump Apologized to me for My Guards Pummeling Peaceful Protesters

Turkish President: Trump Apologized to me for My Guards Pummeling Peaceful Protesters

Turkish President Erdogan Says Donald Trump Called Him To Apologize For Violence Committed By Turkish Guards

Back in May of this year, a dozen bodyguards for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan violently clashed with protesters outside the Turkish Embassy. Condemnation of the aggression by the guards was swift and widespread in the United States.

Members of both political parties took a stand against the act. Even with the parties bitterly divided on a host of issues, Congress unanimously passed a resolution condemning the violence against the peaceful protesters. The resolution laid the blame right at the feet of the Turkish guards, stating:

Turkish officials blatantly suppressed the First Amendment rights of United States citizens, and multiple armed Turkish security officials beat, kicked, and choked unarmed demonstrators.



Later, criminal charges were filed against the twelve guards involved in the violence by the Metropolitan Police Department.

So, it’s clear everyone in the United States government is on board with condemning the violent acts by the Turkish guards and find them at fault in acting against peaceful protesters. Everyone, it seems, except Republican President Donald Trump.

In an interview with PBS NewsHour, Turkish President Erdogan dropped a bit of a bombshell about the incident and the diplomatic aftermath. He stated through a translator that Trump actually called him to apologize for the incident. He stated:

Actually, President Trump called me about a week ago about this issue. He said that he was sorry, and he told me he was going to follow up on this issue when we come to the United States within the framework of an official visit.

Controversy surrounding Erdogan has been elevated since a failed coup attempt last year has led to mass arrests in the country, including many journalists and teachers.

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Many in the United States and around the world have questioned the tactics of the authoritarian leader and wondered why America continues to cozy up to such a regime. It seems clear the relationship is more important to Donald Trump than people peacefully exercising their right to free speech inside the borders of his own country.

What happened to that whole “America First” thing? I guess it’s not important to Donald Trump to defend peaceful protesters who get beaten up by the guards of an authoritarian. After all, we know how he advocated violence against protesters at his own rallies. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by this.

And considering the slew of articles and anger from conservatives about all the mythical times Barack Obama allegedly apologized for America, I’m sure this news will send Trump supporters into quite a tizzy. Or will they just turn another blind eye to his ridiculousness?

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images (cropped).

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