Trump Just Completely LOST IT In Most Bizarre (And Ironic) Twitter Rant Yet

Trump Just Completely LOST IT In Most Bizarre (And Ironic) Twitter Rant Yet

Donald Trump Loses It Over Russian Allegations

Donald Trump is not pleased about the explosive – although admittedly unsubstantiated – story that claims Russian operatives have deep, dirty evidence on him.  And, unfortunately for Trump, he cannot, as the men who held office before him, rely on the strength of his character to push back on these charges. Instead, he has to cast around for something, or someone, else to blame.

Since the allegations came out on Tuesday evening, Donald’s Twitter feed has been closely watched by many. Because, of course, Twitter is Trump’s favorite mode of communication – particularly when he is angry, or has had his feelings hurt.

And Trump did not disappoint.

He threw out little pieces last night, of course. He began with blaming the media, of course.

He then moved on to a move so truly Trump-like that it could be a parody, but, sadly, it’s not. Trump tried to combat what he called “fake news” by citing a source that is, actually, fake news.

Trump’s Early Morning Twitter Rant

But as our next President so often does, he saved the very best for an early morning Twitter rant. But even for Donald Trump, who regularly takes to Twitter in order to voice displeasure, or spread untruths, or blame the media for something he himself clearly said or did, or to disparage a Union leader, or call an opponent’s wife ugly, this particular Twitter rant is deeply disturbing and unapologetically ironic.

To begin, Donald Trump cited Russia as a credible source for denying that Russia has blackmailed him and currently holds the next leader of the free world in their cold pocket.

He then went on to say this:

However, we know that his own son said something quite different, so that statement seems, at best, highly questionable.

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

He then went on to claim that he is the head of a “great movement.” There is a chilling manic quality to the words – and a large amount of delusion, considering he lost the popular vote to his opponent by nearly 3 million.

And then, Trump sent out his most bizarre tweet yet.

He managed to disparage the intelligence community once more, but the idea that Trump himself, the man who wants to start a religious test for entry into this country, asked if we are living in Nazi Germany, is truly mind-boggling.

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President-elect Trump managed to squeeze in a multitude of lies, attempt to discredit the intelligence community, underscored his troubling ties to Russia, tried to battle “fake news” with actual fake news, and then hearkened back to Nazi Germany…all in 140 characters or less.

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