Donald Trump Caught on Video Bullying Kids at White House Easter Egg Roll

Donald Trump Caught on Video Bullying Kids at White House Easter Egg Roll

Donald Trump Can’t Even Behave At Easter Egg Roll

Donald Trump can’t even handle the annual White House Easter Egg Roll without doing something that reminds the world that he is an unrepentant bully.

And this is in a crowd that actually likes him, so he should have had a home field advantage.

Instead, Donald Trump managed to make a crowd of children cry out when he took a hat that one kid asked him to sign, then tossed it out instead of returning it.

And then, as a second act, he did the exact same thing to yet another kid in the crowd.

There’s a lot going on, but here’s what the video shows.

A kid asks Donald Trump to sign his hat during the annual White House Easter Egg roll. (I know, it’s sad that a kid has that hat and I hope he learns, too – the good news is, he is young and he does have time.) Trump takes the ubiquitous red “Make America Great Again” hat from the kid. You know the ones – proudly made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Trump then signs the kid’s hat with a flourish, and then respectfully hands it back to the kid and thanks him…

Just kidding.

Trump takes the hat, signs it, and then tosses it to the crowd, grinning a rare, full-toothed grin in the face of multiple kids crying out, “NO!” Seriously – look at that smile. This is from a man who seems to prefer to face a firing squad – or Angela Merkel – to exposing his teeth in a grin. Yet, for some reason, the cries of children in the crowd must have warmed his heart.

And then another person – also presumably a child, considering the low angle from which the hat is given and received – hands Trump his or her own red hat. And again, Trump signs it. Then, having learned his lesson, he returned the hat…

Nope. Sorry. Wrong again.

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Trump tossed the hat into the crowd, again. No wonder the Easter Bunny looked so shocked during the entire event. He’s probably sweating like mad under that suit, in utter disbelief that this is our president.

Remember when the Easter Egg Roll at the White House used to look like this?

Yeah, I miss those days, too.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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