Donald Trump Humiliates Himself During Press Conference with Angela Merkel (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Humiliates Himself During Press Conference with Angela Merkel (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Makes Global Fool of Himself

Donald Trump absolutely humiliated himself during his press conference with German leader Angela Merkel.

After refusing to shake hands with Merkel in the Oval Office, choosing instead to look ahead like a drugged bull, Trump then doubled down on his absurd wiretapping claims during the press conference.

The tweet series Donald Trump sent out weeks ago, claiming that former president Barack Obama wiretapped Trump towers, has haunted the administration. The Trump White House has tried to address it in a number of ways. First they stated they would allow Congress to deal with it in the course of the investigation. Then they claimed that Trump was using “air quotes” and he didn’t really mean “wiretapping.” Then the claim came forth that Trump meant surveillance in a broader sense.

And then White House press secretary Sean Spicer made matters worse in his own press conference Thursday, by citing an unfounded report, made by a commentator on Fox News, claiming that the British surveillance agency GCHQ had been used to wiretap Trump Tower during the election campaign. This turned Trump’s twitter tantrum into an international incident, as Spicer’s ridiculous claims led to the White House issuing two apologies after the GCHQ slammed the statement as “ridiculous.”

But Donald Trump continues to double and triple down on his claims, first in an incoherent interview on Fox, and then again, in a press conference seen globally, while standing next to the woman whom Politico headlined as “the leader of the free world” – a title historically reserved for the President of the United States.

Trump Responds to Made-up Wiretap Claims

A German reporter asked Donald Trump about that specific incident during the joint press conference with Angela Merkel on Friday. And rather than issuing an apology, Trump proceeded to once again double down on his blatantly false claims.

Turning to Merkel, Trump said “at least we have something in common.”

He was referring to  the Edward Snowden leaks that revealed Angela Merkel’s phone had been tapped by the US National Security Agency.

Donald Trump’s most recent claims came after both senior members of the intelligence committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate, Democrats and Republicans alike, as well as intelligence officials, have all said that there is no evidence of wiretapping of Trump Tower.

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In other words, there is literally no basis for Donald Trump’s repeated wiretapping statements, except hysteria and paranoia – two traits not exactly desirable in the president.

Take note of Angela Merkel’s expression when Trump makes his comments. It’s a telling moment.

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