Donald Trump Rages on Twitter, Screams About Healthcare, Media, Russia and North Korea

Donald Trump Rages on Twitter, Screams About Healthcare, Media, Russia and North Korea

Hell Hath No Fury Like Donald Trump On Twitter

Donald Trump unleashed his seething, impotent rage on Twitter this morning with a series of tweets that scorched across social media…and won’t do much else.

And man, he covered it all. North Korea. Hillary Clinton. Health care. The Russian investigation. The media. Donald Trump took to his Twitter and absolutely unloaded, like a teenage girl with her diary, only he’s a really old man with access to the nuclear codes and his Twitter account is actually public, so it seems a lot less appropriate and a hell of a lot more dangerous.

Trump began his long, strange Twitter rant with a jab at Rand Paul and a peek at his fury over the current health care debacle.

And then, because Trump cannot focus and because he is a person who actually thinks tweeting is a valuable use of his time, he moved on to North Korea. I mean, of course he did. Why wouldn’t the President of the United States address an incredibly tense situation that seems to be escalating to the point of actual nuclear war on Twitter?

Then he quickly retweeted the following, because I think he thinks it means he’s popular.

(Spoiler alert: He isn’t.)

Again, not sane behavior.

Trump Talks Russia

Then Trump reminds us all that he refuses to believe what all of the American intelligence communities have repeatedly said: That Russia meddled in the election.

His repeated denial of this almost seems like he has something to hide…

That was actually sort of a Trump trifecta – with Russia, media and Hillary Clinton, all in 140 characters or less. And it must have felt good to unleash about his old foes, because he decided to tweet about Clinton and the media again.

So yeah. There you have it. While at the United Nations, at a time when the country is in a protracted war in the Middle East, with looming threats from North Korea, and people growing sick and dying for lack of clean water in Flint, Michigan, and a massive fight over health care in Congress, and the economy, and honestly, I could go on and on and on…the President spent his time this morning tweeting.

I guess this is just another day of making America great again.

Spencer Platt/ Getty Images

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