Take A Mind Blowing Look At Donald Trump's Rampant Racism And Blatant Bigotry

Take A Mind Blowing Look At Donald Trump’s Rampant Racism And Blatant Bigotry

Let’s Just Say It

Donald Trump is a racist.

Let’s just get that out in the open. He is a bigot, and a racist, and he has shed the dog whistle that so many of his Republican forbearers utilized in the arena of politics and has made racism mainstream. Donald Trump looks at the white guy, muttering racial slurs under his breath in the cab of his pickup truck and says, “It’s okay. I hear you.” Donald Trump sees the woman eyeing the African American teen in the store, watching closely because she doesn’t trust him around the merchandise, and says, “Yeah, I know. I hear you, too.”

Let’s be clear, though. Donald Trump isn’t bringing racism back, because frankly, it never left. He is, however, giving voice to it, lending it credence, crafting an entire campaign around it, utilizing it, riding on its crest like a wave, hoping there is enough angry white people to push him to victory.

Spoiler alert: There isn’t.

In a major address to the American voter, Hillary Clinton linked Donald Trump to a segment of the Republican base called the “alt-right.” It is, she explained, a philosophy of white nationalism and rabid anti-immigrant hatred embraced by Trump’s co-campaign manager Steve Bannon. And certainly, it’s been embraced by Trump himself, who coasted into victory during the Republican primaries by promising to keep all Muslims out of the United States while simultaneously building a wall to keep Mexicans out.

Mexicans whom, by the way, Donald Trump dismisses as rapists and murderers. So there’s that.

It Isn’t Working, Donald Trump

And now, like the petulant man-baby he is, Trump is making an attempt to turn all of this around and say, “Nuh-uh! I’m not the racist, you’re the racist.” It’s sad, but predictable – like many things about the tiny-fisted, failed businessman with the bad hair.

But while Hillary Clinton was a young woman, she was investigating schools to make sure that they were being desegregated, and while Donald Trump was a young man, he was being sued by the Department of Justice for discriminatory practices against blacks.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Donald Trump’s Deeply Racist History

While Donald Trump was acting president of his daddy’s real estate firm, the government, underneath Richard Nixon (the man who perfected the usage of dog whistle racism and not exactly a friend to minorities), amassed “overwhelming evidence that the company had a policy of discriminating against blacks, including those serving in the military,” the New York Times reported.

To prove the discrimination, blacks were repeatedly dispatched as testers to Trump apartment buildings to inquire about vacancies, and white testers were sent soon after. Repeatedly, the black person was told that nothing was available, while the white tester was shown apartments for immediate rental.

A former building superintendent working for the Trumps explained that he was told to code any application by a black person with the letter C, for colored, apparently so the office would know to reject it. A Trump rental agent said the Trumps wanted to rent only to “Jews and executives,” and discouraged renting to blacks.

And then, in 1989, five black and Latino teenagers were arrested, charged with the rape and beating of a young white woman in New York City. New York whipped itself into a frenzy and the current mayor, Ed Koch, called for peace and calm.

And in the midst of that, Donald Trump stepped forth and took out full-page ads in various newspapers, denouncing the mayor’s call for cooler heads to prevail and asking that the five teenagers face the death penalty.

A Rich Man’s Way Of Lynching

It was, in effect, a rich, white man’s way of publicly lynching a bunch of teens with darker skin. And they were later exonerated, cleared by DNA evidence. Donald Trump called their subsequent wrongful conviction settlement a “disgrace.”

But he’s going to be the best for minorities.

Discrimination, bigotry and racism continued to follow Donald like a bad stench. A former casino worker of the real estate mogul told the New Yorker that he, and other African American employees, were placed out of sight when the boss came.

“When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor…They put us all in the back.”

From Donald Trump’s Own Mouth

And then there are the gems that come out of Donald’s own gigantic mouth – which is presumably so big to make up for the smallness of both his hands and his mind.

“Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. … I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”

That was definitely a two-fer right there. Donald Trump managed to perpetuate an old Jewish stereotype while simultaneously making a blatantly racist dismissal of black people.

“Laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”

I just wanted to reiterate that last part. It’s worth repeating. Not because it has any merit – it obviously doesn’t – but because the man who said it is running for president of the United States.

Shall I go on? Because I can.

Here Are Some More Examples, In Case You Need Them

Trump led the ridiculous “birther” movement, questioning President Obama’s citizenship, which launched him into the political arena and made him the darling of the right. He began his campaign by referring to Mexican immigrants as drug dealers, rapists and murderers. He then ran on a promise that he would round up and deport 11 million illegal immigrants, and build a literal wall to keep them out of our country.

Trump, in fact, really as a problem with Latinos. He has had several run-ins with Hispanic journalists, news outlets, and questioned a judge’s impartiality because he was of Mexican descent. And after all of that, he tweeted out a picture of himself eating a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo, while oddly exclaiming, “I love Hispanics!”

Let’s Not Forget His Extreme Views On Muslims

But Donald Trump doesn’t stop there! He openly calls for discrimination against Muslims. He touted the idea of having Muslims register in a database, has made the assertion that Muslims should be banned from entering the country, and falsely and repeatedly claimed that “thousands” of Muslims celebrated after the 9/11 attack.

He’s made fun of Asian accents.

Donald Trump Is The Darling Of The White Supremacist Crowd

Donald Trump tweeted out statistics that claimed the majority of whites are killed by African Americans – a statistic that is completely bogus. He verbally instigated violence against a black demonstrator at one of his rallies. He stated that Obama only went to an Ivy League school because of Affirmative Action. He was reluctant to disavow the support of white supremacists during an interview on television.

And still, I could go on.

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These aren’t gaffes. These aren’t misunderstandings and misrepresentations. These are’t blunt speech or a man who is simply not being politically correct. There is a reason why Trump is not just supported but celebrated by white supremacists and white nationalists. It’s because his own views dovetail nicely with their own.

It’s because Donald J. Trump is a racist.

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Samantha was born and raised in the Midwest and is proof that liberals exist everywhere, even in Missouri.

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Samantha was born and raised in the Midwest and is proof that liberals exist everywhere, even in Missouri.

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