Donald Trump Throws Terrified Twitter Tantrum Ahead of Comey Testimony: Blame the Democrats!

Donald Trump ‘Fear Tweets’ Ahead of Comey Testimony

Donald Trump’s latest stream of enraged tweets may be hiding a deeper, uglier emotion.


Ahead of FBI director James Comey’s testimony on Monday, which most presume will show that Donald Trump completely falsified his claim that former president Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Towers during the election, as well as providing possible information on the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, Trump (of course) took to Twitter.

And, in true Trump fashion, Donald’s furious – and fearful – tweets attempts to shift the blame of “fake news,” Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats.

Trump then took a quick break from his terrified tweeting to let America know about what is really getting under his skin – his dismal poll numbers.

Take that, CNN!

But just in case you were worried that our president can’t stay on topic, he was right back on track with his fearful tweeting about the testimony.

Because when all else fails, blame Clinton.

And, sadly enough, that will probably work with his own base – which, as those “fake polls” are showing, has, perhaps, finally started to shrink.

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But the rest of America knows exactly what prompted these tweets. And it isn’t a desire for the truth, or for justification.

It’s because the truth scares him badly…which means we should watch him even closer.

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