Kurt Eichenwald DESTROYS Main Stream Media For Being Terrified Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Kurt Eichenwald DESTROYS Main Stream Media For Being Terrified Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Eichenwald On ‘Media In The Age Of Trump’

Kurt Eichenwald, Newsweek reporter, has no patience for any media-types who handle Donald Trump with kid gloves.

When asked how reporters should deal with Trump’s so-called “mixed messaging” with his deeply suspicious charity during an interview on MSNBC, Eichenwald let loose.

“The first thing we need to do is face reality. If Eric Trump is so upset, write a check. We’ve got to stop acting like everything that happens to this guy when they complain about how difficult it is, if they want to give to charity, give to charity. They can write the money themselves, they don’t need to raise it from us.”

And that’s certainly a salient point. If the Trumps are truly concerned that children will suffer because they are not allowed to sell access to their father to raise funds, then they certainly could write a check themselves.

But Eichenwald wasn’t finished.

“Secondly, and this is the most important, we have a president-elect who has been treated completely differently from anybody else,” Eichenwald declared. And he made it clear that he was talking about mainstream media.

Fear Is Keeping The Media Away From The Real Stories

Fear, Eichenwald believes, is the reason why Trump has gotten away with so much.

“The press has unfortunately gotten into this thing where they’re afraid of propaganda outlets like Fox News coming in and calling them biased. There is no bias here. We have got to grow a backbone. We have got to demand press conferences. We have got to stop covering his tweets like they’re news.”

However, when tweeting seems to be the only way our top elected official makes policy statements, that particular sentiment becomes more troublesome.

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But Eichenwald has a deeper concern about Trump, and the media’s often soft-handed approach. When questions are asked, Trump doesn’t answer them. And that in itself should raise more questions.

“This man has some very serious questions to answer. We’re getting to the point we should start to wonder, is the problem he can’t answer? That he doesn’t have the intelligence to answer? That he’s afraid to answer? We have to bear down on him and let the American public know that this is not normal. When the Foxes of the world object to acting like a normal reporter as being biased we should just point them out and say, they’re lying, just ignore them.”

Watch the video below.

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