'Fake News' Sting to Help Roy Moore Backfires On Discredited Right Wing

‘Fake News’ Sting to Help Roy Moore Backfires Spectacularly On Discredited Right Wing Scam Artists

Right-wingers just got caught trying to help Moore through fake news

Discrediting a sociopolitical movement is the best way to take it down. If you can prove to the public that a group of people are hiding some dark secret, are a threat to your safety, or are lying about their intentions, it can lead to a massive disruption in support.

This tactic has been at play for a while now, but a relatively recent example of it came during Occupy Wall Street in the early-2010s. While full of its own problems, many conservative outlets attempted to downplay OWS’s motivations by associating them with debauchery, while the FBI secretly labeled it a terrorist organization worth monitoring.

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In the Trump era of American politics, right-wingers have become so desperate to maintain their wins scored in the 2016 elections, that they are doing everything in their power to ensure that any individual with an R next to their name wins over the Democrats no matter what. This was best seen with Greg Gianforte in the May 2017 Montana special election where he managed to beat Democrat Rob Quist despite physically assaulting a reporter before the election. And while there are initiatives to boost the Democratic Party’s populist appeal, such as with Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress, Republicans have an edge through aspects like the incumbency effect and aforementioned fear-mongering.

Their latest tactic involves the special election in Alabama, where civil rights lawyer Doug Jones is facing off against the theocratic judge Roy Moore, who, in addition to holding several disturbing views, has been in hot water for something horrific: allegedly molesting minors. Of course he has denied it, and the accusations come out decades after they happened, but there is more than enough circumstantial evidence to support the claim that Moore actively sought out unwarranted sexual relations with under-18 girls.

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Despite the increasing amount of testimonies, Republicans remain partisan hacks, with Kellyanne Conway, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey,  and President Trump himself all but directly endorsing Moore for office. Their moral compass has fallen so far from grace that this comes less as a surprise and more as expected.

But even worse than that is the attempted sabotage that a right-winger by the name of James O’Keefe attempted a couple weeks ago in order to discredit Moore’s accusers. What happened was a woman came to The Washington Post with a story that Moore had impregnated her, then convinced her to get an abortion at the age of 15. Though completely believable, The Post, wanting to maintain complete accuracy, dug into her background and found out that she was actually an agent from a conservative group known as Project Veritas.

Project Veritas, ironically named after the Roman Goddess of Truth, was founded by O’Keefe as a way of conducting undercover research to dig up dirt on progressive subjects, with the information being obviously altered in order to fit the far right paradigm of fake news.

While O’Keefe has remained deliberately silent about the ordeal, it is safe to say that he planned to have this woman’s story published in The Post, only to then reveal that she was lying, thereby leading to the disparaging or significant weakening of all the accounts against Moore in time for the December election.

Remember to always double check your sources and verify every bit of information you get, as fake news will continue to remain a powerful problem in the foreseeable future.

Can’t see the video? Click to view at WaPo.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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