'Family Values' Trump Campaign Official Pleads Guilty to Child Trafficking

‘Family Values’ Trump Campaign Official, Ex-GOP Lawmaker, Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking

Another ‘Family Values’ Trumper Goes Down

It seems to be a common trend these days for a politician that champions “family values” and “passionate conservatism” to hold a dark secret. While this has applied to Democrats, it mostly concerns members of the GOP, who have consistently shown to be a hypocrites and flip-floppers on many issues concerning smaller government and individual liberties.

The latest example of this is Ralph Shortey. A member of the Oklahoma Senate, Shortey, like most Republicans, was a Trump supporter during the 2016 presidential election. But Shortey went even further than a simple endorsement by actively campaigning as a county coordinator on behalf of Trump, despite the revelations about then candidate Trump’s history of abusive behavior towards women and girls. Well it turns out this should have told us something about the direction this guy’s moral compass was pointing as the man has now officially plead guilty to sex trafficking a minor.

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Despite having a loving wife and four daughters, Shortey has plead guilty not only to attempting to solicit sex from a 17 year old male prostitute, but was also charged with soliciting a minor to send him an inappropriate photo, and with transporting videos of young boys and a “prepubescent” girl, from his email address. On the teen’s tablet, police found sexually explicit communications between Shortey and the teenager, in which the GOP Senator referred to the teen as “baby boy”, and offered payment for “sexual stuff”. Although the age of consent in Oklahoma is currently 16 years old, child prostitution remains defined at less than 18.

In addition to being an active supporter of Trump, the real kicker comes from the fact that Shortey was an atypical “Family Values” Republican homophobe, and aggressive when it came to legislation hurtful to the LGBT community. As the Associated Press reported:

“During his seven years in the state Senate, Shortey built a name for himself by pushing bills targeting those living in the country illegally and expanding gun rights. He routinely voted with his Republican colleagues on bills targeting gay and transgender people, including a measure passed earlier this year that would allow business owners to discriminate against gay people.”

Which raises the question of what kind of psychological problems Shortey might have, having demonstrated not just simple bigotry, but perhaps self loathing over his attraction to other males, expressed in attacks against the LGBT community, and pedophilia.

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This is not the first time a Trump Campaign official has faced disturbing charges. In early May 2017, a Kentucky county member and former judge that worked on behalf of Trump was sent to court on the grounds of child sex trafficking.

With regards to Shortey, officials say that he could face life in prison.

Featured image composite by Reverb Press. OK State Senator & Trump Campaign Chair Ralph Shortey (R) with Donald Trump Jr via Twitter. Ralph Shortey mugshot via Cleveland County Detention Center (public domain).

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