Fascist GOP Moves to Dismantle High Court in Stunning Attempt to Subvert Democracy

Fascist GOP Moves to Dismantle High Court in Stunning Attempt to Subvert Democracy

The GOP is planning on attacking a supreme court that ruled against them

In Pennsylvania, the Republican Party is employing a fascist tactic to ensure that they can continue denying equal voting opportunities through gerrymandering. To give some backstory, Pennsylvania used to be a reliably Democratic-voting state until the 2016 Presidential Election where Donald Trump won it in a tight race.

That tightness was attributable to the fact that Pennsylvania has a heavily rigged voting map that favors Republicans in the state’s various districts. This con job was challenged by the League of Women Voters and brought up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which declared that it needed to be redrawn before the 2018 midterms. To make matters worse for the GOP obstructionists, the federal Supreme Court denied their request to delay drawing the new congressional map.

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Because the Pennsylvania GOP has failed to successfully subvert democracy through the court system, they’re trying a new strategy: impeaching the opposition. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has seven members, five of whom voted in favor of having the map redrawn. As such, those five justices who simply wanted to see fair elections will be targeted by their state’s Republican party.

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We at ReverbPress have talked a lot about gerrymandering because it is a topic that is very important to us. As has been stated countless times before, the Republican Party employs this cheating tactic to suppress minority voters and hurt the Democratic Party’s chances of winning congressional seats.

And a quick look at Twitter shows we’re not the only ones to be concerned:

It’s time for the country to start really dealing with this problem. It’s not a free country if it’s not a functioning democracy, and it’s not a functioning democracy if the elections are not fair.

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