'The Fix Is In,' Trump Only Answering Questions From Right-Wing Media In Press Conferences

‘The Fix Is In,’ Trump Only Answering Questions From Right-Wing Media In Press Conferences

CNN’s Jim Acosta Rips Trump For Taking Only Conservative Media Questions For Three Straight Pressers

There’s no doubt Donald Trump has had a contentious relationship with the mainstream media from the beginning of his presidency. Their crime in his eyes: asking tough questions. Now, reporters are taking note of how Trump is purposely avoiding any outlets he doesn’t consider friendly to him. And they are no longer holding back their frustrations with his attempt to play the propaganda game.

This afternoon, CNN’s White House reporter Jim Acosta laid into Trump for dodging all non-conservative media outlets for three consecutive pressers. His comments were surprisingly harsh (video below):

In the last three news conferences, Wolf, all of the questions to the American news media have been handled by conservative press… there’s no other way to describe this but: the fix is in.

Acosta goes on to point out the dodging is coming at an incredible time where both the National Security Advisor has departed and questions about the Trump campaign’s contact with the Russian government are growing.

This president does not want to answer…critical questions about his associates, his aides’ contacts with the Russians during the course of that campaign, just as his National Security Advisor is being run out of this White House on the rail…They may think this is being cute…but those questions can only be shielded for so long.

Donald Trump may have campaigned on the idea that he is tough and can deal with any situation that comes his way. But this unwillingness to even take questions from the mainstream media (also known as the media doing its job) on repeated occasions is putting a serious dent in his thin-skinned armor.

Trump wants all media to be his personal propaganda machine. But it’s clear from this response many reporters aren’t going to tolerate that.

Featured image from Twitter (Fair Use).

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