Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Taunts Trump on Twitter, Urges Thin-Skinned ‘President’ to Resign

Vicente Fox Makes Fun Of Trump…Again

Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, openly taunted President Trump over Twitter.

Fox’s tweet came after Trump himself took to Twitter to complain about the current investigation into his ties with Russia, which he called the “single greatest witch hunt” in American political history.

Of course, it isn’t. The independent investigation is very much necessary and warranted. But Donald Trump is frightened, and so, as he often does when his feelings are hurt, he expressed his outrage on Twitter.

Former President Vicente Fox seemed to find this funny.

His use of quotation marks seem to mock Trump’s own usage of that particular punctuation. And although Trump is president – whether we like it or not – even Republicans are starting to whisper about impeachment.

Twitter users celebrated Fox and his Twitter slam.

This isn’t the first time Fox has taken Trump on. Just last month, he gleefully mocked Trump over his dismal first 100 days.

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Seems like Trump ought to take a few lessons from Vicente Fox on how to maximize his social media skills.

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