FOX 'News' Retracts False Food Stamp Story After USDA Criticism

BREAKING: FOX ‘News’ Retracts Dangerously False Food Stamp Story After USDA Criticism (VIDEO)

Fox News is finally condemned by the government

A few days ago, Fox News’s Abby Huntsman went on a very merry post-Christmas rant about the takers in this country, claiming that corruption in the food stamp program was at an “all-time high,” with $70 million in taxpayer money being wasted a year.

Now Fox News has always been a network that champions itself as “fair and balanced” while bathing in the partisan bias it frequently accuses other networks of spouting. The fact-checking site Politifact has ranked 59 percent of its talking points to be false, and it has become a frequent laughing stock on comedy networks. Comedian Bill Maher has called them the modern-day John Birch Society for pushing of a far-right agenda into people’s homes.

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But with fake news finally being a problem taken seriously, Fox News’s days of getting away with their venomous lies are dwindling. The latest one about their being rampant food stamp fraud, which Joe Biden called-out as malarkey back during the 2012 vice presidential debate, did nothing but further the narrative that the American Government should let poor people starve.

Now, the Federal Government is taking action. A spokesperson from the United States Department of Agriculture, which handles welfare distribution, expressed surprise at the declaration, stating that they had not issued any recent reports on the matter and were “not quite sure” why Huntsman was eager to stir up a pseudo-controversy.

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As a result, Huntsman was forced to do an on-air retraction of her nonsense, but not without a twist. Rather than report that corruption was only estimated to be at 1.7 percent, she went on to state the cash value of the percentage before being forgiven by “Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth.

It is also worth noting that the Fox News website has gone on to completely remove Huntsman’s original rant, though thanks to re-uploads and website caches, her words will forever remain public.

Check it out below:

Image is a screen capture of Fox News host Abby Huntsman retracting food stamp statement from Youtube video uploaded by user Bruce Willas

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