Fox News Completely Loses its S**t Over Roy Moore Loss, Declares War on Trump Confidant

Fox News Completely Loses its S**t Over Roy Moore Loss, Declares War on Trump Confidant

The Alabama Special Election ended last night with a close, yet undeniable, win for Democratic candidate Doug Jones. Little more than 20,700 votes made the difference, but it was the participation of those citizens that ensured someone as unqualified as Roy Moore will not be determining the future of this country.

Democrats in the Senate need as many members as possible in order to successfully fight the GOP’s aggressively corrupt and regressive agenda, which robs from the middle class and poor to give to the rich, while at the same time oppressing women, and both ethnic and religious minorities. And while Democrats have struggled in the past to put down regressive policies like the Graham-Cassidy Bill, Jones’s presence will provide them with better odds.

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As they usually do when the Republicans lose, right-wing media sources are looking for a scapegoat to blame this defeat on. Especially since this loss comes from a traditionally red state like Alabama, where it is so hard for a Democrat to win in the first place that it hasn’t happened in a quarter century – until now.

Cue Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist who now works as the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News. Bannon came back into the spotlight recently when he attended a rally in order to gain mobility behind Moore. Well, with the latter’s loss, Bannon seems to have lost any regard among establishment Republicans which he gained during the Trump Campaign, as many of those Republicans are now throwing him under the bus, primarily on Fox News.

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Special Report anchor Brit Hume, for example, pointed out that Bannon failed to garner a win in a Republican state like Alabama. Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends blasted Bannon for creating a divide among GOP voters by supporting anti-establishment Roy Moore. Even other conservatives like strategist Rick Wilson and former Mitch McConnell staff member Josh Holmes have attacked Bannon’s credibility as a electoral tactician for Republicans.

It should be noted that Moore himself was not popular with the establishment GOP, most likely due to the allegations that he sexually molested underage girls. Several top Republicans like McConnell and Paul Ryan advocated for Moore to step aside in light of the accusations, while Alabama’s senior Republican Senator Richard Shelby made it clear that he would be writing in someone else over supporting Moore. And while President Trump did actively endorse him, in the primary he backed incumbent Luther Strange and has even congratulated Jones on his victory.

In some ways, it seems the Republican Party is secretly relieved over not having the stain of Moore on their already terrible reputation. Which might mean they have a shred, at least a tiny shred, of decency left. But will that be enough for Jones to do as he pledged, and help the two parties find “common ground”, when he gets to Washington DC? Only time will tell.

Photo by Hal Yeager/Getty Images

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