GOP Candidate Caught On Tape Assaulting Reporter for Trumpcare Question as Special Election Looms

GOP Candidate Caught On Tape Assaulting Reporter for Trumpcare Question as Special Election Looms

Hear Republican Greg Gianforte Body Slam Reporter After Asking About Embarrassing CBO Score On AHCA

Just hours before polls open in the special election for the House seat vacated by Ryan Zinke in Montana, Republican candidate Greg Gianforte apparently body slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs.

Audio of the altercation was posted and Jacobs can be heard asking Gianforte about the new CBO score released today for the GOP health care plan. A crash is then heard followed by Gianforte yelling at Jacobs and the Guardian reporter saying he had just been body slammed and his glasses were broke.

The altercation was also reported by Alexis Levinson of BuzzFeed, who Tweeted out what she had seen.

Reporters confirmed law enforcement was quickly looking into the matter.

Gianforte left the event after the altercation, despite it being scheduled for much longer.

Gianforte’s opponent, Rob Quist, was asked about his take quickly after it unfolded. He was clearly caught by surprise upon hearing about the incident and had no comment at the time.

Someone quickly updated Gianforte’s Wikipedia page as well with a bit of humor at the Republican candidate’s expense.

Last month, Jacobs had uncovered financial ties Gianforte has to U.S.-sanctioned companies in Russia. The investment appears to be small compared to the candidate’s reported wealth of at least $65 million and possibly over $300 million.

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Gianforte’s office released a statement attempting to explain the altercation as the reporter’s fault for “aggressive” recording.

Full audio of the incident can be heard below.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

Listen: [brid video=”142055″ player=”5260″ title=”Montana Republican Greg Gianforte assaults reporter Ben Jacobs”]

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