BREAKING: GOP Lawmakers Just Refused Even to Debate Gun Reform - as Massacre Survivors Wept

BREAKING: GOP Lawmakers Just Refused Even to Debate Gun Reform – as Massacre Survivors Wept

Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who survived the murderous mass shooting in their school last week, carried out by a disturbed former student, were in the gallery of the Florida legislature in Tallahassee to tearfully witness yet another callous and evil act. As the students wept, elected representatives stood before their constituents and ignored their demands for gun reform.

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Even in the wake of the tragedy these young people narrowly survived, but which took the lives of 17 of their friends and loved ones, the Republican led House of the Florida Legislature refused to take action. Instead tying the matter up in red tape, postponements, and procedural dodges.

As the session opened on Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Kionne McGhee called for a procedural move which would have allowed the House to debate a bill to ban both large capacity magazines, and assault rifles. The House rejected taking up the debate 71 to 36.

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A Senate version of the Bill has been filed Senator Linda Stewart, the Democrat from Orlando, but both bills have been pushed to committee.

Instead, the Education Committee of the Senate voted to include a measure placing police officers in all Florida schools in a sweeping education reform bill.

It’s fitting at a time like this that term for such obstructionism is referred to as “red tape”. Blood red.

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