GOP's Anti-Choice Laws Forcing American Women To Turn To DIY Abortions

GOP’s Anti-Choice Laws Forcing American Women To Turn To DIY Abortions (VIDEO)

GOP Laws Forcing American Women To Turn To DIY Abortions

Over the past few years, the acrimony in the pro-choice vs. anti-choice debate has hit a record high. The GOP has pushed for more restrictive laws and their Presidential nominee even stated that he would support punishing women who get abortions. But, if John Oliver’s insightful segment on restrictive abortion laws has taught us anything, it’s that real lives and livelihoods lay on the line in this critical discussion. And, just when we thought the real-life consequences of GOP fueled anti-choice rhetoric and policy couldn’t have any more dire effects, we now learn that things can, in fact, get much scarier as American women are now performing DIY abortions to circumvent the GOP’s intrusion into their uteruses. 

Glamour magazine recently published an article citing the results of a recent Texas study that suggests up to 240,000 women, at some point during their reproductive years,  had tried to end their pregnancies just in Texas alone. While these statistics only encapsulate one state, experts believe this trend is a nationwide epidemic. Some even believe that it’s beginnings can be traced back to 2011 when TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws started getting passed, which resulted in the shut down of pregnancy-terminating services in at least 162 clinics, if not closing the entire clinic down outright. 

Since 2011, search engine data has revealed a huge spike in “how to self abort” queries.

But, as you probably expect, DIY abortion is neither completely safe or completely effective. Some women are using drugs like misoprostal (which can only be legally prescribed by a doctor) and combining it with mifepristone to induce “medical abortions.” Some women just use misoprostal on their own although it’s only 80% effective and, if it doesn’t work, almost ensures the baby will be born with birth defects. The fact that women are ordering these online from underground providers without knowing if they’re real or contaminated is a serious health risk. 

But, it gets worse, as some women are now turning to self-harming and coat hangers. This is completely unacceptable in a first-world country with the resources to safely assist women intent on exercising their choice over their own wombs. And it’s that very choice that makes this upcoming election so critical, as the new president will decide whether or not Roe v. Wade is overturned. Also, the next POTUS will most likely confirm a new justice to the SCOTUS, who will likely have to make an important ruling on abortion.

What we need to remember is that this is an issue that affects people from all-walks of life, and if keep letting this be nothing more than a swing issue for right-wing zealots than we will continue to effectively fail all the many women who desperately need help.

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Lincoln Anthony Blades is a journalist, an author and a long-suffering Raiders fan.