Cop Who Murdered Black Driver Could Receive Life After Case Plea

GUILTY: Cop Who Murdered Black Driver Could Receive Life After Civil Rights Case Plea

Michael Slager, a former police officer that shot unarmed black man Walter Scott, has officially plead guilty to violating the latter’s rights following over two years of scrutiny from both the mainstream media and civil rights organizations.

The deaths of unarmed African American men, especially to law enforcement officials, has gained significant attention in recent years following the formation of the movement “Black Lives Matter” in the aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s shooting. While George Zimmerman, Martin’s killer, was not a cop, his acquittal in the court system inspired outrage from the minority community over the legal system’s blatant corruption. Though conservative critics have attacked with false claims of promoting violence, the movement is not only mostly peaceful, but has taken to raising attention for non-black victims as well.

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Since then, an unfortunately staggering number of black people murdered have been caught on camera, despite posing no visible threat to the officers handling them. Keep in mind, too, that, as Bill Maher frequently says, there must be many instances of police abuse across the country not getting recorded, so audiences do not even have a full grasp of the true situation.

Walter Scott was one of the more viscerally horrible incidents, as the footage of his murder, caught by bystander Feidin Santana, not only showcased him running away for his life, but also disputed many statements in Slager’s testimony, such as that Scott had reached for his taser.

Slager’s trial was pushed back in December 2016 when a single member of the jury remained unsure about whether or not he was truly guilty. Now, justice is finally being served as Slager admits to his crime, which carries the maximum penalty of capital punishment, though he is unlikely to receive that as a result of his use of the plea bargain. Regardless, when compared to the large amount of acquittals that have occurred beforehand, it is hopeful to have one case go right.

Featured image via Youtube screen capture

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