THANKS TRUMP: Millions in Hawaii Desperately Preparing for All Out Nuclear Devastation

THANKS TRUMP: Millions in Hawaii Desperately Preparing for All Out Nuclear Devastation

Trump Creates Nuclear Panic

Donald Trump needs to learn that tossing around nuclear war as a threat has real-world implications, as Hawaii is now the first state to make actual preparations in case of just such a scenario. There are more than 1.3 million people living on the islands, and Hawaiian residents have grown frightened that, in case of a nuclear attack, everyone would perish.

A few short months ago, fear of a nuclear attack was probably not even on their radar. But since the election of Donald Trump, and certainly since his bombastic, off-the-cuff, tension-escalating rhetoric, both on camera and via Twitter, Hawaiians are taking no chances.

As the CNN report shows, although no one can protect themselves from the impact of a nuclear warhead, there are ways to protect against nuclear fallout, which, during the bombing of Hiroshima, proved to be more fatal than even the initial blast.

If North Korea decided to launch a missile at Hawaii, residents there would have only 15 minutes to take cover. It is recommended that the following is done:

What To Do In Case Of Nuclear Attack

First, take shelter in a building – a concrete one, if at all possible. Locate shelters beforehand, so there is no confusion, and try to have enough supplies to last about two weeks.

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Ultimately, CNN’s Sara Sidner explains, Hawaii doesn’t want to terrify people…

…but they do want its citizens to be prepared.

This is the America Trump has created.

Watch the video below.

David McNew/Getty Images

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