You Can Now Wipe Your @ss With A 'Bathroom Bill' (VIDEO)

You Can Now Wipe Your @ss With A ‘Bathroom Bill’ (VIDEO)

This New Toilet Paper Is A Dream Come True For HB2 Dissidents

Had it with HB2, North Carolina’s new law that says that transgender people can’t use the bathroom of their choice? Not a problem. You can show your displeasure by literally (not figuratively, but literally) wiping your ass with HB2 – printed on toilet paper. Face it, that’s where it belongs anyway.

According to The News and Observer, this was the brilliant idea of an advertising agency in Durham, North Carolina called McKinney. They took HB2, printed it onto rolls of toilet paper and gave it away to businesses in the city.

“’We are asking local businesses to be creative with their rolls,’ said Janet Northen, the agency’s communications director, in a letter to the rolls’ recipients. She gave a few suggestions including using it as napkins, bookmarks or streamers, TP-ing their businesses or simply using it to wipe.”

Really, if you think of it, the uses for this product are endless, but that is beside the point. The point is that HB2 sucks and McKinny wants to drive this point home. They have even created the twitter hashtag #flushHB2 to help spread the word of their dislike of HB2, so you can play at home as well.

And of course, the ad agency produced a (butt) cheeky video to express their dislike of HB2 and promote their number 2 cleansing toilet paper rolls.

It’s not surprising that the company did this seeing as the CEO of McKinney, Brad Brinegar, was one of over 100 top executives in America that signed an open letter to the governor of North Carolina to ditch HB2.  In the letter, the group made it clear that HB2 is “bad for North Carolina, bad for America, and bad for business.” And, they were right, with concerts being cancelled by Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam, along with the loss of investment by Paypal and Google.  And why? Because some conservatives can’t handle the idea of transgender people peeing in the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

According to AdWeek, the McKinny agency explained why they got behind the behind wiping bill presentation.

“[We did it] because we value equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights … and we don’t care which [bathroom] you feel most comfortable using.”

And, then, creative director Will Chambliss explained a bit further to drive the point home.

“We tried to create something that could stand as a visual for what many North Carolinians think about the bill. We hope people read it and then, well, you know the rest.”

Yes, indeed. You know the rest. It ends with a giant flush for equality.

[brid video=”35698″ player=”5260″ title=”Flush HB2″]

Feature image McKinney/YouTube

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