Here's The Full Fusion GPS Trump Russia Dossier Testimony The GOP Tried to Cover Up

Here’s The Full Fusion GPS Trump Russia Dossier Testimony The GOP Tried to Cover Up

Courtesy of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) here’s the full, un-redacted, originally classified testimony of the Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson about the Russian Dossier, aka the “pee-pee” dossier, on Trump’s connections to Russia, and possible Russian “Kompromat” – blackmail material – on President Trump, et al.

The dossier was compiled by former British spy Michael Steele, essentially the closest thing we’ve seen in public to a real life James Bond, on behalf of Fusion GPS’s clients – initially Republicans, then Democrats.

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The Senate Judiciary Committee is looking into Russian election interference, and the testimony (which took place in August of 2017) was given by Simpson as part of that investigation.

Last week, Feinstein and Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley had a very public spat over who was getting in the way of the transcript’s release, after the Fusion GPS firm demanded it’s public release. Instead, Grassley and other GOP Senators recommended Steele be criminally investigated, remarkably, for having done research on a political candidate’s potential treason, and informing the FBI.

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Now, thanks to a bold and brave move by Feinstein which recalls the Watergate era, the full document is public.

Read the full testimony below:

Fusion Gps by Neetzan on Scribd

Featured image by Steve Pope/Getty Images.

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