Insecure Trump Jealous of Foreign Leader's Plane Size

Insecure Trump Jealous of Foreign Leader’s Plane Size

Donald Trump has a well-established track record of obsessing over the size of things that pertain to him. His hands, his inauguration crowd size, and now his plane in comparison to other world leaders.

Trump Insecure about size

In the course of a freewheeling meeting following his recent self-defeating debt deal, Trump reportedly complained about the size of the Kuwaiti emir’s plane, griping that it was bigger than his own. Kuwait’s Boeing 747-400 is a similar length of Air Force One, although it’s a full 75 feet longer than his own private 757.

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Image obsessed president

In his first days as president, Donald Trump made a string of demonstrably false statements about the size of the crowd in attendance at his inauguration. He and members of his administration, notably then White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, insisted that his was in fact the largest inauguration crowd ever, breaking the record set by President Obama in 2009.

Despite the photographic evidence provided by the National Park Service, Trump and his staffers stuck to their ridiculous and petty assertion, disregarding the media blowback for this bald face lie. As he has proven time and again, no issue pertaining to his image is too small for Trump to blow out of proportion.

Trump’s Planes – Trump Force One vs. Air Force One:

Featured photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

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