As He Tries To Weasel Out Of It, Trump Told He Can't Escape 'Biggest Protest In British History'

As He Tries To Weasel Out Of It, Trump Told He Can’t Escape ‘Biggest Protest In British History’

President Donald Trump’s administration is rescheduling his trip to the United Kingdom in the hopes of avoiding what may well be the biggest protest in British history, The Independent reports. 

Thousands — and possibly millions will protest

His visit will be rescheduled for between late August and September, according to a report by The Guardian, per The Independent. And, rather conveniently, Parliament will be in recess by this time, meaning that members of Parliament won’t be around to embarrass Trump by objecting to him. His visit to the UK will be a short one, occurring between a Sunday and a Thursday.

And he definitely won’t be spending much time in London, where he’s expected to be greeted by huge protests.

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Trump’s visit was rescheduled after House of Commons speaker John Bercrow said he would veto any attempt Trump makes to address Parliament. This has stirred up plenty of controversy, and he now faces a motion of no confidence from MPs (Members of Parliament).

The trip was initially scheduled for June, the London Police Chief said last week, and it’s been suggested that the government move Trump’s visit away from London in order to avoid the protests. However, politicians and activists warn that no matter where President Trump goes, he will not be able to escape the biggest protest in British history, campaigners told The Independent. 

Much of his trip may be rerouted to Birmingham, and that has been met with anger by local politicians and activists who are enraged that Trump may wind up visiting their city. So they have pledged to flood the streets with protesters to greet “hateful” Trump.

Shabana Mahmoud, Labour MP or Birmingham Ladywood, said Trump and his “hateful” politics aren’t any more welcome in her city, than they are in London.

“Birmingham is a wonderfully diverse city, home to people of every background, every faith,” she said. “President Trump with his hateful and divisive rhetoric, policies and Muslim ban is not welcome here.”

And Kerry Jenkins, Labour councillor for the city’s Hall Green Ward, characterized Trump as “a racist and a misogynist who is using his power to divide.

“If these rumors are proven I will be calling on all colleagues and citizens to stand together and demonstrate as we have done many times before in our great city when far-right politics has reared its ugly head,” she added.

Others have similar warnings for the President.

If “Donald Trump comes to the great city of Birmingham, our diverse communities will take to the streets in our thousands,” said Salma Yahqoob, a Birmingham campaigner and former member of the city council.

All across the United Kingdom in cities and towns, activists have staged demonstrations against the President and his comfy relationship with the very right-wing Prime MInister, Theresa May. 

At the end of last month, people flooded the streets in 36 locations around the UK and the largest demonstration occurred in London, with 40,000 people packing White Hall, near central London, after being given only 36 hours’ notice.

In the wake of the protests, the cross-party Stop Trump coalition has been spawned, and it has the support of the Labour Party, and several other political parties including Green, and Liberal Democrat MPs, The Independent reports. Several major trade unions have also jumped aboard and the whole thing is also backed by numerous journalists and celebrities, including Lily Allen, Paloma Faith and Frankie Boyle. 

Journalist Owen Jones, who currently writes for The Guardian, is a founder of the coalition, and he has unpleasant news for our fascist-leaning president:

“Donald Trump’s state visit will be marked by the biggest protest against racism and hatred in our country’s history,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter where he goes. We will march in our millions against him, and our government’s collusion, in every town and city in Britain.”

As it stands right now, the largest protest in British history occurred during the Iraq war, when one million people gathered in London in concert with other protests worldwide.

You can take a peek at some of London’s protests in the video below.

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