Racists Melt Down Over Biracial Princess To Be -- Twitter Slaps Back Hard

Racists Melt Down Over Biracial Princess To Be — Twitter Slaps Back Hard

England’s Royal Palace announced Prince Harry announced his engagement to the stunning biracial actress Megahn Markle (of Suits) today, and the rape culture racists of the internet immediately went into full meltdown mode.

Racists Melt Down Over Biracial Princess To Be

And then the heroic white hat trolls of the internet stepped up and started puncin’ some Nazi’s! Needless to say, this just made the Hitler fans horrible, very bad, no good day even worse.

It’s so glorious, it’s almost like V-E day, all over again!

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Ancestry.com automatically trolled this Nazi twit with an ad for a DNA test which would undoubtedly prove he’s not as pure white as a klansman’s sheet, like he clearly thinks he is. Which is hilarious, if you ask me.

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