'There's Something Not Right Here': British Spy Criticizes U.S. For Ignoring Vital Trump, Russia Info

‘There’s Something Not Right Here’: British Spy Criticizes U.S. For Ignoring Vital Trump, Russia Info

A British spy has criticized U.S. security agencies for not acting sooner on information that they, and other European intelligence bodies, provided the U.S. regarding links between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The information which was first uncovered by Britain’s Government Headquarters (GCHQ) in 2015, found that contact had been made between Donald Trump’s campaign team and high-level Russian intelligence operatives. The Guardian reports that this information was then passed to the relevant U.S. security agencies as per standard practice. It is understood that in the proceeding six months, a number of other intelligence agencies from European countries such as Germany, Poland and Estonia passed on similar data. While another source claims that the ‘Five Eyes’ spying alliance which comprises of intelligence officials in the Canada, Australia and New Zealand also relayed similar information pertaining to suspicious interactions between Trump and Russia during this period.

Speaking to The Guardian for the purposes of this report, a U.K. intelligence spokesperson made the following comments in respect of the findings that were relayed to the U.S. security agencies:

‘There are contacts going on between people close to Mr Trump and people we believe are Russian intelligence agents. You should be wary of this.’

‘Watch out. There’s something not right here.’

It is hard to understand how a report this sensitive and which contains an indictment this damning from such a close ally was not acted upon sooner by the U.S. security agencies, but that appears to have been how this matter progressed. Both the C.I.A and the F.B.I appeared to have been sitting on this information for months without taking any conclusive action. The U.S. agencies being late to the game was perhaps best summed up by F.B.I director James Comey, who changed his position on this matter following Donald Trump’s successful election victory in November.

For his part, C.I.A director John Brennan did provide high-ranking Republican and Democratic leaders with the classified briefings with information pertaining to these connections in September 2016. It is also understood that Brennan suggested that the Kremlin might be trying to assist Trump in his campaign. However, despite these developments, no conclusive investigation was undertaken before the election.

Ascertaining why this information from a British spy wasn’t acted upon sooner or in a more deliberate fashion from the F.B.I remains unclear. However, what is for certain is that the evidence connecting President Trump’s campaign team with the highest echelons of political power in Russia is mounting on a daily basis.

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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