Internet Explodes in Furious Mockery of Nunes Memo 'Nothing Burger'

Internet Explodes in Furious Mockery of Nunes Memo ‘Nothing Burger’

A memo drafted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) GOP memo alleging abuses by the FBI has been released. President Trump approved the release without redactions.

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Trump began the day laying out his case for the release of the memo on Twitter this morning. Of course, he has to mention all his favorite targets: former President Barack Obama, former opponent Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party. Does he realize none of THEM are accused of colluding with Russia and that Trump appointed (or retained) the very FBI and DOJ employees he also now blames?

 When Trump gets to Tweeting, you know the heat is on

The full four-page memo is available here.

After the release, Trump tweeted again.

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The House Intelligence Committee previously refused to release a rebuttal memo drafted by Democrats. House Speaker Paul Ryan now supports the release of the Democratic rebuttal, per his spokesperson AshLee Strong.

“If it is scrubbed to ensure it does not reveal sources and methods of our intelligence gathering, the speaker supports the release of the Democrats’ memo.” 

The memo levies accusations against former officials who approved the applications for surveillance provided to the courts. These included FBI Director James B. Comey;  former deputy Andrew McCabe; former deputy Attorney General Sally Yates;  and current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The officials are accused of deliberately omitting key facts about the supplier of some of the information, Christopher Steele.

Twitter was full of good Americans defending the FBI and DOJ

Former FBI Director James Comey fired back citing the damage done by the memo and the complete lack of any concrete proof of the Nunes allegations.

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Senator John McCain, more comfortable on TV than in a tweet lashed out, shredding  Trump and Republicans.

“The latest attacks on the FBI and Justice serve no American interests — no party’s, no president’s, only Putin,” he said. “The American people must know all the facts surrounding Russia’s ongoing efforts to subvert our democracy, which is why special counsel Mueller’s investigation must continue unimpeded.”

He concluded by accusing Republicans of “doing Putin’s job for him.”

Democratic booster Scott Dworkin fired back a tweet immediately after the memo was released.

Congressman and Trump antagonist Ted Lieu (D-CA) released a statement as well.

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And he called President Trump a liar.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes weighed in.

Based on tweets, there was clearly a one-sided reaction to the memo’s release.

Hardball’s Chris Matthews accused Trump of having a hand in drafting the memo.

Things are certainly heating up now. Between Democrats and Republicans. Between Trump and the FBI. Trump and Republicans wanted Nunes’ conspiracy theory out there. Now it is. Can they handle the scrutiny that accompanies it?

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