Joe Biden Reveals His Favorite 'Bromance' Meme: 'He Sat There for an Hour and Laughed'

Joe Biden Reveals His Favorite ‘Bromance’ Meme: ‘He Sat There for an Hour and Laughed’

Joe Biden Had a Favorite Meme

Joe Biden and Barack Obama shared a special friendship – unique in the world of politics. The relationship between the former president and vice-president was one-of-a-kind, and charmed the world. Their closeness was a running joke that the two even embraced themselves.

Kind of makes you miss them even more, doesn’t it?

The friendship between Obama and Biden, of course, became the subject of memes. And, as their term together came to a close, these bromance memes caught fire. Each one seemed better than the last.

Joe Biden loved the memes. According to Ashley Biden, his daughter, when Joe first learned of the Obama / Biden memes, he “sat there for an hour and laughed.” Because of course he did. Remember what it was like to have leaders with a sense of humor?

And Biden even had a favorite among the deluge of bromance memes. Out of the many that flooded the internet in the days leading up to their departure, Joe Biden liked this meme the best.


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And just in case that didn’t make you miss Joe Biden and his BFF former President Barack Obama, here’s a video of the two of them…back when we took sanity in the White House for granted.

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