Joel Osteen Climbs Up On The Cross Over Hurricane Harvey Scandal, Blames 'Forces of Darkness'

Joel Osteen Climbs Up On The Cross Over Hurricane Harvey Scandal, Blames ‘Forces of Darkness’

Joel Osteen: Sorry Not Sorry

Mega-pastor Joel Osteen is completely unrepentant over his initial decision to keep his mega-church closed in the faces of those in mega-need while Houston flooded.

Osteen initially faced his own storm of Biblical proportion when, in the midst of Hurricane Harvey, he shut the doors of his church and instead felt that sharing his prayers on Twitter would suffice.

It’s like Christ always says, “Hey, why help those in need when you can just tweet out some good wishes on social media?”

(Just kidding. He doesn’t say that.)

People completely lost it over Osteen’s unwillingness to help his fellow Houstonians by offering them shelter in his church, which can hold over 16,000 people. Facing increasing pressure, Osteen did finally open his doors, after offering up various weak excuses as to why he first slammed them shut.

First, the church had closed because of flooding. And then it was because it had not been designated as a shelter by city officials. And then it was, “Hey, we never closed the doors, guys!”

Joel Osteen Compares Himself To The Lord

But in a recent sermon, Joel Osteen was unrepentant – and with a new excuse as to why the doors were initially shut against people in need, too. This time, the church hadn’t yet flooded, but he thought that it might.

Regardless of why Osteen made the decision to initially shut the door, one thing is certain: Joel Osteen sees himself as the true victim in all of this.

In fact, Joel Osteen thinks he is a little bit like the crucified Jesus, according to this message he himself gave.

Anything you may have heard, he says, is simply “misinformation,” created and spread by those who wish to slander more than just himself, but Christians and Christianity in general. Those who are against him are “forces of darkness.”

And at about the two-minute mark, the pastor really dons the mantle of victimhood.

Those “forces of darkness” who had the nerve to point out that Osteen had shut his doors at a moment he should have flung them wide open were simply trying to “stir things up” in order to “discredit the ministry and lessen our voice.” He then added:

“This is not just an attack on me. This is an attack on what we stand for.”

Ok, so let’s get this straight. You were attacked for turning your back to people in their time of need. So what do you stand for, Pastor Joel? Closed doors?

But perhaps the most galling moment of the entire video is the moment that the pastor likened the scorn he received over shutting his doors in the face of need to the crucifying of Jesus Christ.

“Jesus even said, ‘When the world hates you, remember…it hated Me first.'”

Yeah. Let’s get one thing straight, Pastor Joel. Jesus dedicated His life to serving the poor. Jesus would have opened the doors…then waded out into the flood.

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You are no Christ-like figure.

Hell, you don’t even qualify as Christian.

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