Journalist Who Broke Pussygrabber Story Faces Threats From Trump fans

Journalist Who Broke Pussygrabber Story Faces Death Threats From Trump Fans, Vows Defiance

A journalist is receiving death threats for telling the truth

Back in mid-June 2016, Trump announced that his campaign would be suspending press credentials for “The Washington Post” due to him perceiving their fair reporting as “phony and dishonest.” This was not first time a news publication had been barred from the Trump campaign, as both “Buzzfeed” and “The Huffington Post” were banned beforehand.

However, what made this notably different is that “The Washington Post” is one of the most respected and long-running newspapers in the country, remembered in particular for breaking the “Watergate scandal” that caused President Nixon to resign in disgrace. While other publications like “The New York Times” have declined in quality, “WaPo” remains strong in its unbiased journalism.

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Thus, while they were not allowed personal interviews with Trump, journalists for the Post continued to dig into Trump’s past wherein reporter David Fahrenthold broke the story of Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape that earned him the nickname of “President Pussygrabber.”

Unfortunately for the man, Trump’s deranged supporters took issue with this attack on their idol’s past and began sending the first of several death threats to him. In a beautifully penned article, Fahrenthold tells about his year of covering Trump, including the behind-the-scenes arguments that went on between him and the now President-elect.

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The situation has gotten so bad for Fahrenthold that he has had to hire a counterterrorism official to help protect his private life from the claws of Trump’s followers. The official gave this terrifying recommendation to Fahrenthold and his family:

“‘Your cars are parked too far away for a car bomb,’ she said, looking out the front windows at the street. ‘They’ll probably cut your brake lines.’ She recommended having a car patrol the neighborhood. She recommended a safe room.”

In spite of this, Fahrenthold has affirmed that these threats have not deterred him and that he will continue critiquing the Trump Administration.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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