Keith Olbermann Absolutely Shreds GOP On Partisan Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann Absolutely Shreds GOP On Partisan Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann Calls The GOP Out

Keith Olbermann started out his latest piece on Republican hypocrisy with one simple, passionate sentence.

“It boggles the mind.”

And indeed, as the stench of Russian corruption and connections grow even stronger in the Trump White House, it is also becoming clear that some Republicans have absolutely zero interest in investigating it. Instead, as Donald Trump makes mind-boggling mistake after mistake, Republicans continue to either ignore or deflect. But, of course, the deep Russian connection is still only a part of the scandals surrounding the 45th president. There is plenty to choose from.

Keith Olbermann took specific aim at Donald Trump dealing with the North Korea missile test while in a roomful of guests at a dining room at Mar-a-Lago. And the point he makes is a stinging one. After all, the huge Republican argument against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton was that she couldn’t handle classified information. That somehow, because of her email server, she would put our country at risk through careless handling of information. Before the election was even held, Republicans were already promising to tie her up in multiple investigations (and this isn’t even counting the investigations they had already completed repeatedly). Calls for impeachment began long before a vote was even cast.

And yet there sat Donald Trump, with aids illuminating just such information with the flashlights from their cell phones, discussing a recent missile launch from a hostile country with another world leader while sitting at an open-air dining table in a club he owns.

“If Clinton Had Done This…”

Keith Olbermann called out the hypocrisy in clear, ringing tones during an episode of The Resistance, a web series for GQ.

“Trump slandered Hillary Clinton ― you could argue Trump beat Hillary Clinton ― on charges of insecure handling of emails. Nothing she was ever accused of ― nothing ― comes close to this debacle,” Olbermann stated.

He then turned on the Republican leaders, who continue to sit in relative silence and Donald Trump shreds democracy.

“If Clinton had done just this, the Republicans would’ve impeached her before sunrise.”

Watch the full, stinging indictment of Republican hypocrisy in the clip  below.


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