Watch Respected Republican Lindsey Graham Make SHOCKING Admission About Russian Hacking

Watch Respected Republican Lindsey Graham Make SHOCKING Admission About Russian Hacking

Senator Graham Just Questioned The Legitimacy Of The Trump Election

UPDATE 1/10/17 4:35 PM PST: After publication, Senator Lindsey Graham walked back the statement he made during Senator Sessions’s confirmation hearing. Via Twitter, Graham stated that “I’ve never suggested at any time – including this morning – that Russian hacking affected the outcome of the election.” He then added, “The Russian hack is not why Trump won and Clinton lost.” However, we urge our readers to listen to Lindsey Graham’s own words, in the video below. While acknowledging that Senator Graham has attempted to clarify his statement, the words he spoke – and the words which we reported on – remain unchanged.

In the midst of the drama surrounding the confirmation hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions to the post of United States Attorney General, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made a stunning claim.

Senator Graham hammered Sessions about Russia. He also asked Sessions about the intelligence community’s unanimous statement that Putin waged a cyber battle not simply to discredit Hillary Clinton but to also place their preferred candidate into the White House. And during that line of questioning, Senator Graham said the following:

“How do you feel about a foreign entity trying to interfere in our election? I’m not saying they changed the outcome, but it’s pretty clear to me they did. How do you feel about it? What should we do?”

That is a shocking break from the current GOP talking points in regards to Russian interference. For those few Republicans who will even openly express concern over the obvious Russian interference in our Democracy, at the end, the idea that the actual results of the election should not be questioned. In other words, yes, Russia had their hand on the scale, but Donald Trump is still the legitimate president-elect, and the election results are valid.

Senator Graham is making a monumental leap. He stated clearly that Russia’s hand on the scale actually did tip the balance towards Donald J. Trump. And, thanks to Vladimir Putin, Trump will be taking the oath to become the 45th President of the United States in just a matter of days.

Sessions’s Response To Graham Also Stunning…For Different Reasons

In response, Senator Sessions offered up the following.

“Senator Graham, I think it’s a significant event. We have penetration apparently throughout our government by foreign entities. We know the Chinese have revealed millions of background information on millions of people in the United States, and these, I suppose, ultimately are part of international big-power politics. But when a nation uses their improperly gained or intelligence-wise gained information to take policy positions that impact another nation’s democracy or their approach to any issue, then that raises real serious matters. It’s really, I suppose, goes in many ways to the State Department, our Defense Department, and how we, as a nation, have to react to that, which would include developing some protocols where when people breach our systems, that a price is paid even if we can’t prove the exact person who did it.”

Sessions response to Senator Graham’s question is also stunning. His inability to clearly address the question at hand highlights why he’s Trump’s pick for attorney general. And it’s certainly newsworthy, as well. But in between Sessions’s inability to break from Trump’s mistrust of the intelligence community and his own dismissal of the media, Graham’s own admission shouldn’t be lost.

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A respected, conservative, Republican senator admitted that not only did Russia attempt to influence our democracy…he also believes they were successful. Did Russia tip the scale in favor of Trump, and win him the election?

“It’s pretty clear to me that they did.”

Watch the video below.

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