A Look Back at Bill O'Reilly's Most Mind-Blowingly Racist, Sexist Comments (VIDEO)

A Look Back at Bill O’Reilly’s Most Mind-Blowingly Racist, Sexist Comments (VIDEO)

A Look Back At The Career Of Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly made a career out of being a sexist, racist old bigot. He built a fortune on it. And now, that sexism is the very thing that has brought him tumbling down out of that tower made of loud-mouthed lies passed off as “news.”

Wait. Correction. That he got caught being disgustingly sexist is what brought his downfall. After all, Fox News executives already knew about it. It was the public’s reaction to Bill O’Reilly and his disgusting behavior that brought about his dismissal.

And for that, hey – good job, public reaction! Keep reacting! It works.

And, in apparent celebration of bidding a sweet adieu to Bill O’Reilly, the Huffington Post put together an amazing little collection of Bill O’Reilly moments. You know, the Best of Bill. Just Bill being Bill.

Or, in other words, nearly five minutes of a grown man wallowing in his own privilege, dismissing everyone else’s experiences, invalidating women, people of color, and Muslims as often as he can…and getting paid millions for it.

So go ahead and watch. Watch Bill O’Reilly mock women. And denigrate the homeless. And poke fun at the poor. Make unwarranted, distasteful comments about female guests. See what Fox News put up with for years and years and years…until advertisers decided they no longer wanted to be associated with such nastiness and ignorance.

Oh, and share with your favorite Fox-News-loving uncle, too – the one who is all outraged about women having the nerve to speak up. He needs to remember what, exactly, he’s defending here.

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Remember, that was Fox news’s money maker right there. That was the Fox cash cow. And he would have been allowed to continue on, in that same fashion, until he was a doddering old man…so long as advertisers didn’t abandon his show. But they did, and now O’Reilly will no longer profit off of the fact that he is a white male with a loud voice who dislikes people who are not white males.

Bye-bye, Bill.

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