Major Department of Justice Resignation Endangers Mueller's Trump-Russia Probe

Major Department of Justice Resignation Endangers Mueller’s Trump-Russia Probe

Late on Friday it was announced that the number 3 person at the Department of Justice, Rachel Brand, will be stepping down from her post after only 9 months on the job. Brand has become a subject of significant interest in recent months, as she is, or rather was, next in line in overseeing the work of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller is currently reporting to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, since Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the Russia investigation after he was caught lying to Congress about his contacts with Russian officials during the presidential campaign.

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Rachel Brand says that she’s leaving for the private sector to take a job offer that she “can’t turn down”… but the move is read by many as a sign that Brand anticipates that Trump may be preparing to try and interfere with the Russia investigation. In recent weeks Trump and his supporters have been upping their efforts to wage a propaganda campaign seeking to undermine the integrity of the Russia investigation and paint the Department of Justice as being biased against Trump.

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If Trump were to fire Rosenstein, it would put him in the position to essentially hand pick the next person charged with overseeing the work of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, creating yet another unprecedented conflict of interest that has come to characterize virtually every aspect of this presidency.

Watch our Washington DC Correspondent Rio Tazewell Explain it:

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Rio Tazewell is a Washington, DC based coalition organizer/campaign manager at a progressive advocacy organization, where he works to confront corruption in its many forms, particularly the influence of money in politics. Previously he has helped launch startups focused on civic engagement, sustainability and grassroots advocacy. He also enjoys writing and recording political hip hop. All views are his own.