Mega Pastor Joel Osteen Lashed by Biblical Storm Over Heartless Hurricane Harvey Response

Joel Osteen Offers Nothing In The Wake Of Harvey But Prayers

Mega Pastor Joel Osteen is offering the people of Houston nothing more than his prayers as Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc in the town where his successful church is located.

While people mere blocks away from Lakewood Church, which reportedly can house more than 16,000 people and have 52,000 attendees, are losing their shelter due to the flood waters, Joel Osteen is keeping the doors locked. Instead, Joel Osteen tweeted out a promise of prayer, in a time when a roof, dry clothes, food and clean water would be more helpful.

Houston needs help, and neither Joel Osteen or his megachurch seem willing to give it.

Get off of Twitter, Pastor Joel, and help your people.

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Its what Jesus would actually do.

To help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, text the word HARVEY to 90999. Doing so automatically donates $10 to the Red Cross.

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