Melania Trump Immigrated On 'Very Bad' Visa Her Husband Vows To Eliminate

Melania Trump Immigrated On ‘Very Bad’ Visa Her Husband Vows To Eliminate

Melania Trump Causes More Trouble

Melania Trump is creating another controversy, as her own status within the country her husband thinks he can lead is called into question.

What do you do when your husband vows to deport millions of illegal immigrants, and you’re an immigrant yourself?

Apparently, you hunker down, lawyer up, and hope no one scrutinizes your story – or remembers that the very visa you claim to have used is one your own husband vows to eliminate.

Melania Trump released a very official-looking letter through her immigration attorney on Wednesday, in an effort to tamp down speculation that she may have entered the country illegally, with an improper visa. And though she and the campaign assert that she followed proper, legal protocol, no documentation has been forthcoming.

Her immigration lawyer, Michael J. Wilde, writes in the letter that reports that Melania Trump illegally used a tourist visa to work as a model in the United States in 1995 “are not supported by the record, and are therefore completely without merit.”

Melania’s Immigration Story Is Confusing

Trump has claimed Melania Trump came to the United States in 1996, but it’s reported that she participated in a photoshoot a year prior, in 1995. Even more confusing, although Trump insists she had an H-1B visa, she regularly returned home to Slovenia in order to renew it – which she wouldn’t  have had to do so frequently if she actually had an H1-B visa, since those are good for at least three years.

And if she didn’t work before 1996, how she supported herself while in the U.S. is a mystery. The Washington Post reports:

“The letter indicates that Trump first came to the United States on a visitor’s visa in August 1996 before receiving a work visa in October 1996. Any work she performed for money between those dates might have violated the terms of her visitor’s visa. Wildes’s letter does not indicate how Trump supported herself between those dates.”

Uproxx reports:

“If her timeline is correct, she would be more likely to a have B-1 Temporary Business Visitor or B-2 Tourist Visa. The timeline gets a little confusing, so what is Melania doing to solve the issue? Lawyering up. In a rare Twitter appearance, Trump said she had hired immigration lawyer Michael J. Wildes to set the record straight.”

Release The Documents!

Which makes this little tidbit from her loving husband Donald a little awkward.

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“I know the H-1B very well. And it’s something that I, frankly, use, and I shouldn’t be allowed to use it. We shouldn’t have it. Very, very bad for workers. And second, of all, I think it’s very important to say, well, I’m a businessman, and I have to do what I have to do. When it’s sitting there waiting for you, but it’s very bad. It’s very bad for business in terms of — and it’s very bad for our workers and it’s unfair for our workers. And we should end it.”

Of course, like so many other troublesome mysteries within the Trump campaign – his health, for one, and his taxes, for another – this could all go away if Melania Trump would show her documentation. But, considering the Trump campaign’s penchant for a complete lack of transparency, that seems doubtful.

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