Mueller issues first charges in Russia investigation

Republican “witch hunt” claims disintegrate after Mueller issues first charges in Russia investigation

Trump officials are being charged by Mueller for the Russia investigation

The Republican Party has always been a very unified entity. Whether it was under Republican or Democratic presidents, they have shown the ability to come together and push forward whatever piece of their agenda that they want to, such as gutting the Affordable Care Act or giving the GOP control of the next Supreme Court pick.

Despite this, the Trump Administration has shown that there are limits some Republicans have with regards to the extent of their party representative’s behavior. Recently, for example, Senator Jeff Flake chose to retire after finishing his term for the next two years as a result of the Trump’s behavior, while Bob Corker has had an ongoing feud with him.

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Though there are dissenters, one thing they refuse to give into is Russiagate, or the political scandal involving collusion between the Trump Administration and Russian officials. What once began as potential allegations by American intelligence organizations has grown into a spiderweb of connections marked by strong evidence. Beginning with Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort, the special counsel investigation lead by former FBI director Robert Mueller has slowly, yet steadily, uncovered incriminating information after incriminating information on various members of the Trump Administration, ranging from small-time people to the big man himself.

And now we are finally at a point where the probe is coming to a close and arrests can be made. As reported by CNN, Mueller has officially issued charges against some Trump officials. While the names of the defendants are being kept hidden from the public for now, most likely for privacy reasons, there is an undeniable fact brought about by their arrest: this was real.

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As stated before, many members of the Republican Party, and even acclaimed journalists like Glenn Greenwald, have been very skeptical about whether the Russia issue is something that is genuine, or just an excuse by the Democratic Party to deflect from the fact that they ran an unsuccessful campaign for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Little do they seem to realize that both things can be true, and Mueller’s investigation has consistently proven this in the months since he was hired to look into it.

And to those that still insist that there is not a major crime being committed, Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame has revealed that the Trump officials being charged could face some severe prison time:

“If this person who has been indicted, or persons, are facing 20 to 40 to 50 years for whatever these crimes are – related to collusion or not – there may be others who are subject to similar charges who have further knowledge about dealings with Russia…There are a lot of intentions that the special council is trying to convey here, I suspect.”

All we can say is we hope court system prevails and everyone involved in this matter is brought to justice.

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