This Mysterious Group is Using Twitter to 'Defund Bigotry' and Breitbart

This Mysterious Group is Using Twitter to ‘Defund Bigotry’ – Starting With Breitbart

Breitbart is silently getting destroyed

In late August of this year, it was reported that Glenn Beck’s conservative news site TheBlaze would be laying off 20 percent of its staff due to the company not making enough revenue off of their brand of nonsense.

This is not surprising when one looks at the steadily decreasing monetary figures associated with right-wing rags like this, and even long-running individuals like Rush Limbaugh. As Kyle Kuklinski of “The Young Turk’s” Secular Talk put it, these things began as projects to attract money from conservative think tanks like State Policy Network, FreedomWorks, and The Heritage Foundation since they were not able to successfully market their propaganda without falling to diminishing returns.

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Only, that is exactly what happened as a result of these founders succumbing to the craziness of their own beliefs. Limbaugh, for example, gained infamy in February of 2012 when he called women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute,” costing him advertisers, while Beck has always had a penchant for spouting conspiracy theories. As such, the funding for them has started to stop until they can turn things around.

Unfortunately, the alt-right news website Breitbart News has managed to avoid a similar fate by managing to associate itself with prominent figures, including President Trump himself. Breitbart’s founder, the eponymous Andrew Breitbart, was also a noted media figure, having connections with both liberal (Arianna Huffington) and conservative (Amy Holmes) writers. This has allowed the site to stay functioning in spite of Breitbart’s death in 2012 and the site’s continual publication of fake news.

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Breitbart News gained some notoriety when it was revealed that they would be turning on Trump following his soft termination of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who had served as the company’s executive chairman prior to getting the executive branch gig. Now that Bannon is back with them, one can expect them to become more affirmed in their libelous tactics.

Or so one would think. It turns out there has been a secret group working behind the scenes to take them down through a smart tactic: getting rid of their advertisers. Called “Sleeping Giants,” they supposedly work like the hacktivist group “Anonymous” in the sense that they do not have a visible organizational structure. There are no public leaders or members, only a Twitter account with the following goal:

“We are trying to stop racist and sexist media by stopping its ad dollars. Many companies don’t even know it’s happening. It’s time to tell them.”

With so much hatred being spread by these rags, it is inspiring to see every-day people doing something about it in the simplest way possible. “Sleeping Giants” embraces the free market tactic of letting businesses make decisions for themselves, and they do so through informing advertisers that their ads are being placed on places that promote bigotry.

We look forward to seeing whether or not they are successful in their endeavors to defund Breitbart News, but we definitely believe they are on the right track.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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