Trump asked Intel Officials to Push against Comey Russia Investigation

BREAKING: Trump Asked Top Intel Officials To Deny Evidence of Collusion with Russia

As readers may be aware, on May 9 Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey was fired by President Trump as he was conducting an investigation into possible collusions between Russia and the White House. While Trump initially claimed the reason behind the sudden termination was because he was “unpopular with most people,” further press releases/interviews from the Administration revealed differing explanations, including the startling truth that Trump thought Comey was a “nut job” and that he believed the Russia investigation had no evidence behind it, despite fact-checkers saying otherwise.

The decision of course prompted congress to finally appoint a special counsel to continue where Comey left off, without any of the political baggage. Former FBI director Robert Mueller was selected, in turn causing the White House to pursue loopholes in the Code of Federal Regulations an attempt to derail Mueller’s case before it gained traction.

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While unethical, a new report from The Washington Post reveals that such dirty tactics from the Trump Administration were not without precedent. In March, when the connections between the Trump Campaign and Russia were gaining steam, it turns out the President personally asked two of the nation’s top intelligence officials to publicly denounce the “alleged” links in an attempt to give his Administration more credibility. These individuals were National Intelligence director Daniel Coats and NSA director Michael S. Rogers.

While a politician asking for political support in the midst of a scandal is not uncommon, the true problem resides in what Trump was asking these two to do: lie. As stated before, the associations between Russia and the Trump Administration have a lot of truth behind them. In late February, “Politifact” staff writer Lauren Carroll published a piece detailing the evidence behind the accusations. The situation is made more fragile when one realizes, as the Post points out, that both Coats and Rogers are closely affiliated with Trump regardless of his connections with Russia.

This turmoil bears a striking resemblance to Richard Nixon during Watergate, wherein he made a request to two of his close aides in an attempt to protect himself: of course, that involved asking them resigning as opposed to lying, but it speaks to a similar political motivation of distancing. Regardless, let us hope that Mueller’s investigation will lead to the end goal of impeachment.

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