REPORT: New Credible Intel Source Claims Russia Has Multiple Trump Sex Tapes (AUDIO)

REPORT: New Credible Intel Source Claims Russia Has Multiple Trump Sex Tapes (AUDIO)

Second Bombshell Lands In The Trump ‘Kompromat’ Allegations

Top BBC Washington correspondent Paul Wood reports that a secondary source can confirm the unsubstantiated report filed by a former MI6 intelligence agent. That report, published in full by Buzzfeedclaims that the Russian government has kompromat, or “compromising information,” on the President-elect. The report indicates that Russia has used this information to blackmail Donald Trump.

The release of the dossier, which detailed gross and perverted acts allegedly performed by Donald Trump during a hotel stay in Russia, blew the media world up on Tuesday night. Although outlets have stressed repeatedly that none of these claims have been substantiated, and no audio or video has been forthcoming, the idea that Russia is actively blackmailing Trump has made headlines. It is especially concerning in light of Trump’s curious pro-Russia attitudes, platforms, and his begrudging and intermittent admission that Russia may or may not  have hacked the presidential election.

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But on Wednesday morning, reporter Paul Wood dropped a second bombshell.

The MI6 agent who collected the information that went into the disturbing Trump dossier is not the only credible source who has gathered similar intelligence.

“The rumors or the allegations or whatever you want to call them have been circulating for a number of months now. I saw the report, compiled by the former British intelligence officer, back in October. He is not, and this is the crucial thing, the only source for this.”

In fact, Wood claims that he has been told by a member of the U.S. intelligence community that there is at least one other intelligence service in Eastern Europe aware “that the Russians had kompromat or compromising material on Mr. Trump.”

The Second Source In The Alleged Trump Russian Blackmail Scandal Is Considered ‘Credible’

His source is unnamed, for legal and protective reasons. “It’s very, very difficult, of course, to talk to US intelligence people. They’re breaking the law if they talk to you,” Wood explained. He then added that not only was this information coming from more than one credible source, but that there is more than just one tape, on multiple occasions, in multiple locations.

“But I did ask somebody with connections in the CIA to pass a message to them, and I got a message back that there was allegedly more than one tape, not just video, but audio as well, on more than one date, in more than one place, in both Moscow and St. Petersburg.”

Again, both the initial report that broke on Tuesday, and this follow-up information reported by the BBC remains unsubstantiated. And Wood himself warned that “nobody should believe something just because an intelligence agent says it.”

Impeachment Talks Begin Before Trump Even Takes Office

However, the source is viewed as credible – in fact, it is seen as credible enough that it ended up being seen by the President himself.

“But it is viewed as credible by the CIA, and that’s why it landed on President Obama’s desk last week, on the desk of the congressional leadership, and was given to Mr. Trump as well. And even congressional Republicans are talking about investigations, and Democrats, I know, are talking about impeachment.”

Impeachment talks have begun, and Trump has yet to even take office.

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Listen to the audio below.

Scott Olson/Staff/Getty Images and Harry Engels/Stringer/Getty Images

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