New Poll Shows Trump Response to Charlottesville Was Complete Disgrace

New Poll Shows Trump Response to Charlottesville Was Complete Disgrace

Clear Majority Disapproves of Donald Trump Response to Charlottesville Domestic Terror Attack

As with pretty much every week of this administration, Republican Donald Trump had another bad one last week. And also with most of those weeks, the damage was self-inflicted. This time it was Trump’s response to the domestic terror attack in Charlottesville that pushed his poll numbers into a further embarrassing decline.

Last week, the president decided to equate white supremacists demonstrating in Charlottesville with the side opposing them protesting against racism and bigotry. His first response came after the terror attack which killed Heather Heyer and injured more than a dozen others. After reading a more moderated response from a teleprompter, Trump doubled and tripled-down on his first disgraceful position as the week went on.

A new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post shows just how much the public disagreed with Trump’s response to the tragedy. Just 28 percent approved of his response while a clear majority, 56 percent, disapproved. The disapproval jumps to 66 percent among those most familiar with the events.

The most troubling elements for Donald Trump in this poll are where the levels of strong support and strong opposition are headed.

Intensity is against Trump by 2-1: Forty-five percent of Americans strongly disapprove of his job performance, vs. 22 percent who strongly approve. That’s a career low for Trump in strong approval, down 5 points since April, with sizable declines in some of his core groups: among strong conservatives (-11 percentage points), Republicans (-11) and whites (-9).

The data also shows a massive gender gap for the Republican.

Perhaps most notable is the gender gap in Trump’s overall approval rating, 46 percent among men vs. 28 percent among women. At 18 percentage points this is not only the widest of his presidency, but wider than the largest gender gaps recorded for either of his two predecessors.

A recent Gallup poll found almost identical numbers among men and women, with 43 percent of men and 29 percent of women approving of his presidency. This is a record low polling number dating back to Dwight Eisenhower, and it’s not remotely close to second place.

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Only 29 percent of women approve of Trump, according to Gallup. The next-lowest women’s approval rating of any modern president at this point in the presidency was 48 percent for Bill Clinton in 1993.

In the months leading up to last week, many speculated about how badly a real crisis would be handled by a Donald Trump White House. They have rarely handled their self-induced problems well, and it should be no surprise they disgracefully botched the response to a real tragedy. It was a safe bet they would screw it up, and they clearly did just that.

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