Blood on Their Hands: NRA Slammed For Sickening Silence After Deadly Vegas Massacre

Blood on Their Hands: NRA Slammed For Sickening Silence After Deadly Vegas Massacre

NRA Silent Following Deadly Mass Shooting

The NRA, which spent millions and millions of dollars getting Donald J. Trump’s into the Oval Office, is strangely silent in the wake of what is now the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

Of course, had the shooter been a black man, or a Muslim, or a refugee, or any combination thereof, it’s almost certain that the NRA would have already released multiple statements, and the President would have been saying a lot more than just offering his “warmest condolences.”

Then again, it is more than what the NRA has said – which is nothing. Not a word. Not a peep. Oh, they have $52 million to sling around in order to get a pro-gun nut president and GOP politicians into office, and they’re lobbying hard to make guns even easier to get to, and they’re working on allowing silencers to be legally purchased because the only thing deadlier than a man with a gun shooting at a crowd is a man with a silent gun shooting at a crowd, but they won’t be saying much about this.

They don’t need to say anything. They’ve already said it all.

And one of the reasons they’ll remain quiet about the latest tragedy is because a white shooter doesn’t fit their narrative. A white shooter doesn’t fit their agenda.

The NRA Has An Agenda

And never doubt what is the NRA’s real agenda. It isn’t constitutional rights. It’s about making money.

And don’t expect a call to action from your Republican congressmen and women, either. Oh, they’ll give their moment of silence and offer up their prayers.

But prayers, real prayers, often look a lot like work. Like actually getting up and doing something about the thing which you are praying about. But Congress makes laws. And the NRA owns Congress.

Because this is what the NRA and the Republican-led Congress is up to today.

In the meantime, the NRA still remains silent. But it could be that they are busy.

There is not enough soap in the world.

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Today, take a minute and text the word ‘SILENCER’ to 64433. This will connect you to your representative in Congress. You can let them know that expanding access to silencers will simply make already dangerous situations even more deadly.

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